VMWare Workstation Auto-run Guest on reboot

VMWare workstation 15.1 and above does NOT support auto start virtual machine after reboot. This future has been disabled for some unknown reason! To solve this problem (under Linux host) we can define our own “systemd service” and execute in in every reboot.( In Windows , you need to add a service to Task Scheduler) […]

Email successful SSH Login

In case if you want to send an warning email to user or admin once the user successfully logged in through SSH, the script below can be added to “/etc/profile”. This file is loaded on users login.

Android to SMS to Email Forwarder

Hello, I wrote a simple SMS To Email Forwarder App for android. I’ve tired to post it on Google play , but they have strict policy when it comes to accessing SMS Messages and they require default handler, which is not the case with this application.

Java Book – Programming Using Java

Hello, I just wanted to post this to everyone , this book is one of the best books I ever read in Java Programming; It’s practical and free.  Introduction to Programming Using Java, Eighth Edition Hope you enjoy it and good luck. –Saeed 🙂

Roundcube Webmail Client

I was installing roundcube webclinet on my server and both SMTP and IMAP server using TTLS for encrypted connection. However, I used Lets Encrypt SSL certificate. The PHP couldn’t validate the certificate when configuring roundcube. Therefore, it couldn’t establish connection to SMTP and IMAP. here is the command to test the SSL on you SMTP […]

Squid Configuration With Authentication

This is a simply configuration settings for “Squid” server to be used as a proxy server to forward the connection thought the server. Digested Authentication also added to force users who are not white-listed to  authenticate before using the server. White-listed IP addresses won’t be authenticated for simplicity. 

Random Numbers C++17

Hello!! It’s been a while that I have posted something here…. Today I was reading new C++ book with 2017 standards. It’s amazing how fast things been changing in C++ and it’s evolving quickly. Even-though changing the habit is hard, I like where C++ is going to. Here is an example of Generating Random Numbers […]

Apache and MariaDB High Load Crash

Hello…. Today I was trying to check my website appearance on different browsers to see how my website looks like. But when the load on server was high, I’ve noticed that SQL server crashed. Of course there is a memory limit on my server and Apache server is configured to accept unlimited connections and child […]